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Best Anime Traps (Boys that look like Girls)

Traps are the best-laid plots to impart humor, mystery, and engrossing storyline in any content form.

It’s quite noteworthy, nothing exaggerates the Traps, as best as the Anime world can do! The mysterious looks, fantasy powers, baffling strength and eye-catching elegance are perfect characteristics to emphasize the “Trap” notion in the story.

In anime, “Traps” refers to a boy who exhibits Girly characteristics. These attributes can be changes in voice, body language, dressing sense, or emotions. Apart from fun and lightness, they are pictured as girls to heighten the character plot and create an acceptance in society.

Watch out, fellas! There can be Reverse Traps too!

So let’s figure out or at least try to figure out who turns out to be the most mysterious trap in the anime world. Here is the list of the Top 20 Best Anime Traps of the current time.

20. Ritsu Sohma

ritsu sohma

Difficult to judge whether a boy or a girl! Meet Ritsu Sohma from the Fruit Basket Anime series.

Isn’t it overwhelming to note that boys choose to hide their male persona to overcome their low self-esteem? Definitely, it does! Ritsu clarified that dressing like a girl pacifies his nerves and helps him overcome nervous breakdowns.

If you spot him in the series, you will definitely mistake him for being a girl. His shoulder-length straight hair, flaunting girlish bow at the back, and fair skin will give you the impression of a beautiful girl.

Besides, his toned posture will not hint at his chauvinism.

Ritsu Sohma is a pretty girl beneath the disturbed young man!

19. Shidou Mariya

Shidou Mariya

Highly intuitive and precision in drawing inferences are the defining attributes of Shidou Mariya. He is a deuteragonist in the Japanese manga series “Maria Holic”.

He is a teenager and the elder twin brother of Shizu Shidou. You will mistake him for his sister, Ame no Kisaki, in the catholic girl’s school. He dresses exactly like her to conceal his true identity.

He often resists being in the group at school, but his intelligence often outshines him in class. He enjoys tricking others and playing pranks.

For him, his family and friends are of utmost importance. He will not think twice, jeopardizing his life to secure his loved ones. He is a caring and loving person who appears on the Best Anime Trap list.

18. Astolfo


Gender doesn’t differentiate him or fascinate him! What a ridiculous attitude and, at the same time, the most dangerous one too!

Meet Astolfo from the Fate/Apocrypha manga series. He is the main protagonist of the series and one of the Rider-class Servants of Celenike in the Great Holy Grail War.

He chose to be a girl out of his liking for feminine beings. Pink seems to be his chosen color. His hair is pink, long and sometimes braided to create a girly appeal.

Despite his girlish appearance, he is completely fine to be designated as a boy. He cherishes both gender traits and proudly calls himself Boku.

Shh! Did we mention that he prefers to keep his gender secret, too? The epitome of all the Anime Traps, Father and Mother, both too!

17. Titus Alexius

Titus Alexius

Clones are always mesmerizing creatures, difficult to judge and difficult to differentiate!

We have one such clone on the list. Meet Titus Alexius from the Magi manga series.

He is a clone of Scheherazade and was incarnated to replace him. He enjoys the title of Great Priest of the Reim Empire and is one of the four magi of the current era.

Glory has touched his feet since birth which turned him egoistic. After meeting Aladdin, his attitude changed, and he became a humble and down-to-earth man.

His long yellow hair, greenish eyes, fair skin, and pretty face will often bewilder you with his male persona.

16. Mizuho Miyanokouji

Mizuho Miyanokouji

Heights of respecting your loved one’s will if it questions your true identity! Does it sound like revering at all?

Here is one such character trapped by his grandfather’s will. Mizuho Miyanokouji has the compulsion to attend the girls’ school as per his grandfather’s wish.

Despite his unwillingness to fulfill his grandfather’s wish, he hard-heartedly convinces himself to act like a girl. His childhood friend and cousin, Mariya Mikado, helps him in his incongruent venture.

He dresses like a girl and studies amongst the feminine tribe. Thanks to his girly body build and the cuteness of his face, he is victorious in hiding his masculine identity. Despite being dressed as a girl, he continues to talk in a masculine tone.

Watch the “Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru” series to know what binds his grandfather to impose his will on cute Mizuho.

15. Frieza


We have a feminine so-called Robot in the trap list!

Meet Frieza from the “Dragon Ball” manga series. Can you guess his gender from his purple-plated suit? His feminine voice is the only reason for him to be treated as a girl.

His attire reflects the western as well as Japanese evil spirit myths. Watch him for his fierce battles in the DragonBall series.

14. Shiota Nagisa

Shiota Nagisa

Acceptance from family members, especially from mothers, crafts the entire persona of an individual. Can you imagine what happens if your mother neglects you for who you are? Disastrous for your life. Isn’t it? It’s like a living hell amidst your inner being.

We have one such mentally disrupted anime character who falls on the Best Anime Traps list. It’s not so joyous to introduce him, but here he is, Shiota Nagis from the “Assassination Classroom” manga series.

Shiota struggled a lot in his academics owing to an inferiority complex imparted by his mother. This behavior, in fact, affected his life decisions, too! Soon after regaining his own acceptance, he found balance in his life.

Watch him for his beautiful bluish eyes, aqua hair, and pretty face in the Assassination classroom.

Beware! His cute face can be dangerous if his innate assassination instincts step up in his mind.

13. Xianming Lin

Xianming Lin

Longingness for a sibling is a paramount force when it comes to avenging his loss or freeing him from captivity. This sibling love will cross any bars to safeguard or mourn the loss of his brother or sister.

Meet Xianming Lin is the main protagonist of the Hakata Tonkatsu Ramens anime series and falls in this Best Anime Trap list.

His story of cross-dressing starts like this. His beloved sister was separated nine years ago. In his remembrance, he started dressing like a girl. He even loves to beautify his masculine face with makeovers.

He doesn’t care for societal norms. In fact, it seems quite illogical to taboo men for wearing skirts, whereas girls wearing pants are considered cool! Don’t confuse his feminine attire for being in LGBT groups. His masculine hormones are just in place!

Did we mention that he is a skilled assassin, too? Watch what he lays ahead with his girly trap in the anime series.

12. Pico


Preadolescent boy portrayed as a girl? How ridiculous! Well, it happens in the shotacon genre of the Japanese anime world.

Meet the young, or we would say Kid Pico from the “Boku no Pico” manga series. Like every kid, he appears chocolaty in his preadolescence stage. Without thinking much, he chooses to wear girls’ dresses at the mere suggestion of Tomatsu.

There is no doubt that his greenish innocent eyes, golden hair, and rosy cheeks complement his girly attire.

His cuteness in the shadow of feminist dressing makes him appear in the Best Anime Traps list.

11. Haruhi Fujioka

Haruhi Fujioka

First reverse trap case in the list! A Girl becomes a boy!

Haruhi Fujioka has a miserable story. She is a hardworking and intelligent student. Still, she is bullied by their rich classmates owing to her middle-class background. For her, obtaining a Scholarship is necessary to sustain her studies.

Once, she has to pretend to be a boy to entertain the female clients in Music Room 3. This incident changes her perception of the importance of gender over individual roles. She accepts the boyish appearance, dress code and speech to support his living.

10. Kalluto Zoldyck

Kalluto Zoldyck

We have a black beauty on the list. We mean by his blackie attire and not the skin tone.

Kalluto Zoldyck is the youngest member of the Zoldyck family and the fourth member of Phantom Troupe.

You won’t deny him by calling him “Chan”, as his magnetic appeal is at its zenith owing to his cuteness. He is often found in Japanese girly attire and resembles a girl.

Only those who knew his true gender referred to him as a boy. He is a beautiful mystery behind the pretty face for the rest of them.

We bet you will miss the thrill and mysteries if you fail to see the “Hunter x Hunter” anime series.

9. Johan Liebert

Johan Liebert

Manipulation is at its peak when murderous instincts propel it!

Johan Liebert is an infamous murderer who falls in the Best Anime Traps list. He appears in the “Naoki Urasawa’s Monster” anime series.

He cross-dresses to deceive others. He hides his cruel personality beneath his twin sister’s appearance. He is known for his malicious killings, and serial killing seems to be his passion.

Ombre hair, golden eyes, and a remorseful face will surely make you think twice: are you watching his twin sister or not?

8. Chihiro Fujisaki

Chihiro Fujisaki

“Be a man! “how daunting it sounds to young boys, especially when bullied in society. They almost start doubting their existence and get segregated from the outer world.

We have spotted one such unfortunate character who suffered mental trauma in his picture-perfect life. To mitigate his suffering, his attempt to dress like a girl got reversed and got Ostracized by the cruel society.

He got disconnected from mankind and made comradery with the computer. Well, this inferiority created new paradigms in the computer programming world. He became an excellent AI Programmer.

This is the story of none other than Chihiro Fujisaki from the “Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc” manga series.

Watch his girly looks backed by his programming intelligence to revolutionize the Traps of the Anime world.

7. Aoi Futaba

Aoi Futaba

Police-man dressed as a Policewoman, how does it sound? Is it hilarious or a trap? If it happens in the “You Are Under Arrest” comic series, it will gravitate to its comedy plot.

Friends! We have spotted one such masked Policeman in the attire of a pretty woman in this series. Aoi Futaba is one such charming man who chooses to be a Policewoman!

His long, wavy black hair, big black eyes, and his female Police attire are captivating not only for his targets but also for his anime fans!

6. Felix Argyle

Felix Argyle

Counter-teasing is what this guy enjoys when someone mistakes his gender!

This trapped personality is none other than Felix Argyle, popularly known as “Ferix” amongst their fans.

He is a lead character in the Japanese manga series named “Re: Zero”.

His bob-cut brown hair, with bows entangled everywhere, gives a fair idea of a girliness in him. He, being the Demi-God, has feline ears and legs. This felinity perfectly complements his acquired feminism.

Apart from these physically adopted aspects, he chooses to behave and talk in a feminine way, too!

5. Akira


We have a snow-boy disguised as a pretty girl in the Best Anime Trap list.

He (or she) is Akira from the Kemono Jihen manga series. He is the fifty-sixth child of the snow village in Mount Iwanki. His birthplace suggests that he has the mystical power to convert water into snow. Besides, he can also call for additional powers from his ancestors.

He is pictured as a pretty bluish girl with long blue hair and blue eyes to soothe the viewer’s eyes!

4. Ayumi Saitou

Ayumi Saitou

For Ayumi, the need to earn money and support his family is of prime importance rather than to grandiose his male identity.

He is a very caring boy who leaves his every desire to take care of his mother. He is a Shogi player. In Shogi games, male players have restrictions on age to play the game. So he takes the other way around. He dresses like a girl and plays shogi to earn money.

Watch him for his athletic spirit blooming in the feminist persona in “The Flowers of Hard Blood” manga series.

3. Ryoji Fujioka

Ryoji Fujioka

The only option Ryoji Fujioka has is to feed his daughter by working as a crossdresser at a bar named Okama. What a pitiful plight!

Besides this, he nurtures another thought. He is scared that his daughter will become captive of reverse traps and deliberately buys girlish items for her.

His long maroon hair and brown eyes definitely buy his argument to be on the anime trap list.

2. Afuro Terumi

Afuro Terumi

Afuro Terumi appears in the ‘Inazuma Eleven’ manga series. His long golden hair, long eyelashes and facial features will trap you for him to be a girl.

You will be mesmerized by his gameplay and the ability to knock out his opponent. He has served as a successful coach, forward and captain of the team.

1. Asuramaru


Watch out, humans! We have a blood-thirsty demon in the Anime Trap list.

Asuramaru from the ‘Black Demon’ series is a tricky devil who turns androgynous to suck human blood.

His long black hair, one visible red eye, and kid-like appearance will cheat you for his devility.

Don’t go by his feminine look; his malicious intentions will surely tremble you when you witness his aggression and cruelty.


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