22 best anime characters with short black hair: Cuteness Overloaded

Black hair is by far the most common hair colour, especially in Japan, Asia and anime, where it’s their natural hair colour. There are many anime characters with black hair, usually associated with cultured, mysterious, traditional, dominant and aggressive characters.

However, there’s nothing more interesting than a black colored hair character who is widely admired.

Finally, here’s a list of several short black colored hair anime characters, some I am sure are undoubtedly your favourite.

20. Mei Misaki

Mei Misaki

At the top of our list is Mei Misaki, the female main character of Another, an anime. She studies at Yomiyama North Middle School and is in her third year. Personally, I think she’s a bit weird and an introvert, and she often puts on an eye patch covering her left eye.

Mei usually spends time alone, scribbling away and is characterized as “non-existent.”

She has a very small and dainty structure and is among the shortest in her class. She’s light-skinned and has short, thick and dark black hair.

Even though she once had red eyes, her irises are not the same because her left eye is fake. When she was young, about four years old, she lost her eye to a disease, and her mother replaced it with a glass eye she designed.

19. Kurome


Kurome is the youngest member of the Jaeger, and her big sister is Akame. She looks exactly like her sister. Her hair is short and dark, has a glossy appearance and is styled in a twin tail. 

Not only do they resemble each other, but they also share a few characteristics, such as their constant hunger and poor social skills. Kurome is deemed cold and distant and usually shows more of her nature’s dark side when dealing with her enemies. In battle, she mercilessly kills her enemies. I used to think she was an expert killer.  

18. Inaba Himeko

Inaba Himeko

Inaba Himeko is a beautiful young lady among the main characters in the Kokoro Connect series.

Taichi Yaegashi and Iori Nagase were her classmates during the first four volumes. She’s a guru when it comes to acquiring and investigating information, making her suit as the vice president of the Student Cultural Society. But on the other hand she knows several fellow club members’ personal information as she can be privy.

Even though she has collected and reasoned behaviour, she still finds it challenging to deal with uncomfortable situations and always prefers things under her control.

Inaba’s hair is not long, ends at her shoulders and is very black with a strand hanging down the middle. Many of the females in school wear yellow sweaters, but hers is brown and usually said to be wearing mature clothing. She’s known for her good posture and stands tall with a slender figure and alluring eyes as if they can draw you in.

17. Nana Osaki 

Nana Osaki

If Nana Osaki wasn’t on this list of short black-haired anime characters, this list would be biased.

Nana Osaki has short, loose black hair hanging on any side of her head. She’s also the lead singer of the famous punk band Black Stone.

Nana’s mother abandoned her while she was still six years old, leaving her with her grandmother. She was falsely accused of being a prostitute and got kicked out of school. Even though she gives the impression of being an austere grunge musician, she’s a generous and trustworthy friend.

Even though she faces multiple challenges, she’s a hard worker, determined, and devoted to one day being Blast’s lead singer.

16. Chinatsu Kuramoto

Chinatsu Kuramoto

Chinatsu Kuramoto is among the main characters of the anime Flying Witch.

She’s nine years old and always has a toy ring with her, which she uses to channel magic. Chinatsu’s eyes are greyish, with pale brown skin, and her hair is tied into pigtails.

She’s the youngest in her family of four, with Keiji Kuramoto and Nana Kuramoto as their parents and her big sister, Keiji Kuramoto. She’s also related to Makoto Kowata and Akane Kowata.

15. Rukia Kuchiki 

Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki is also one of the main characters of the anime and manga “Bleach “. She’s a petite woman who is light-skinned with purple eyes. She has trimmed black hair that falls on her face with a strand always between her eyes.

Byakuya once mentioned she resembles Hisana Kuchiki, her sister. 17 months later, after Aizen was defeated, Rukia’s hair was cut into a bob that encircles her face and wears a regular shihakush as a Shinigami of the Gotei 13.

Her hair is like Aizen’s before the defeat, but hers is slightly extended. Twelve years after Yhwach’s defeat, she tied her hair into a diagonal ponytail.

14. Nora 


The name Nora, when interpreted, means ‘stray.’

Nora is also commonly known as Regalia and is a weapon of gods. She serves various masters, each with a different agenda. As a result of serving different masters, she earned the name Nora.

She’s the villain in the anime Noragami as she wants to destroy the world, and she wants Yato to be The God Of Calamity alongside her.

She’s well known for her evil works and enjoys other people’s pain. Nora is passionate about murdering, cutting people’s ears off and abducting people. So don’t be fooled by her looks.

13. Inkarmat 


Inkarmat is a mystic Ainu fortune-teller. She encounters Asirpa while on her adventures and claims to be aware of very important knowledge about her and her father.

She has a distinctive appearance and dresses in a deep red traditional Ainu garb with ornate motifs, a long dress covering everything except her hands. She puts on leather boots, a whole fox’s skin on her neck, and a bulky bead necklace.

Her earlobes have red beaded earrings, and she often has a sash purse over her left shoulder. She covers her dark shoulder-length hair with a navy blue tiara.

12. Chizuru Oshima

Chizuru Oshima

She’s well known as the class spokesperson who called Huru Yoshida, the anime’s main character.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, commonly known as My Little Monster, is a gutless person.

She’s portrayed as an uneasy introvert towards her classmates, making it easy for them to manipulate her.

Regarding what she values the most, Chizuru Oshima can be bold and brave.

Besides her black hair, we added her to our list because her glasses play a big part in her character. She even inspired Huru Yoshida to wear glasses, making him look reliable and trustworthy.

11. Shinomiya Kaguya 

Shinomiya Kaguya

Shinomiya Kaguya is the protagonist of the anime series Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai. She schools at Shuchi’in Academy and is currently in her third year. She’s part of the Archery club and the student council vice president of the 67th and 68th

Kaguya is light-skinned with very long dark hair, which she always keeps tied with a black-redish band. Her hair is let loose at the mid-torso level. She has big egg-shaped red eyes with slim eyebrows, a slender build body with a visible chest, and if you check her manga profile, she’s said to have “amazing beauty “

10. Lucy Yamagami

Lucy Yamagami

Lucy Yamagami is an anime character in Service x Service, where she’s a devoted civil servant. She aims to find the civil servant who authorized her long, senseless, and offensive name. So, her being a public servant will help her find them easier.

Lucy’s focus is unmatched and does not allow any destruction; she doesn’t even have a love life as she thinks it might pull her off course from the main goal.

Her appearance stands out among many, with twisted, short black hair and a black shirt as her personalized style. Even though she’s always shivery and anxious, her job is her second priority after her goal.

9. Sunohara Mei 

Sunohara Mei

Sunohara Mei’s hair is not short; she ties it into pigtails with a thin yellow ribbon that might snap at any time. She usually covers her ears with bands and has hazelnut eyes.

Youhei Sunohara is Mei’s big brother and they stay together in the countryside. The first time Tomoya Okazaki heard about Mei, he imagined her as a female version of Youhei Sunohara. Their personalities are opposite of each other.

 8. Chiriko Tsurumi

Chiriko Tsurumi

Have you ever noticed in anime that when a tough and firm woman is depicted, she probably has short black hair? It gives her that robust and rare personality.

Chiriko Tsurumi is the true definition of cool, calm and collected. She’s one of the characters of Anohana and is committed to her schoolwork. She usually appears in the top 5 class rank near her crush.

Even if she’s unsure about her emotions, she always supports her friends, helping them if need be. Just by being around her, you feel her composed character.

You can peek at anime girls with purple hair for more female-focused content.

7. Dororo 


Dororo is like the main character’s wingwoman in the anime, Dororo. She’s a small, dainty young woman with black pointy hair tied back into a ponytail. She has brown eyes and spent most of her teenagehood in a Kimono, a red attire that conceals her undersleeve, with long hair joined to the ends, just like her mother’s.

She’s parentless and grew up alone in the streets, relying on stealing for survival. Dororo causes chaos most of the time, and as the series progresses, she gets saved from a demon by Hyakkimaru. She joins him in his travels and quests.

She wears a ragged, sleeveless robe, exposing her chest and tied to her waist with a thin white cloth and a small bag. Her wrists and ankles are wrapped in bandages, and a brown ribbon embellishes her neck.

6. Akiko Yosano

Akiko Yosano

Akiko Yosano, the goddess of dominion. She’s like an idol to most girls who watch Bungou Stray Dogs. She does what she wants. However, she wants and follows her own rules.

Her jaw-dropping beauty, smart mind, and playfulness combined outshine the psychopath in her. From our point of view, she’s of the utmost importance as she assisted many Bungou Stray Dogs characters with their breakthroughs.

She’s gifted with the ability to heal people provided her patient is about to enter heaven’s doors, then and only then will her ability kick in.

She likes to say, “You have two arms?… That’s way too many.” 

5. Tsukamoto Yakumo

Tsukamoto Yakumo

Tsukamoto Yakumo is quiet and mellow-voiced, but she can be louder than her older sister in situations where action needs to be taken,

She’s a mirror image of her younger sister, Tenna, whose only differences are their names, hair and pair of eyes.

I know Harima Kenji would agree that she has various skills.

4. Otonashi Saya 

Otonashi Saya

Otonashi Saya looks healthy; one might mistake her for a high school teenage girl. She’s a petite, young-looking woman with brown eyes who is 5 ‘2″ tall and approximately 89 pounds. She has dark hair, which she has changed multiple times.

She once had long hair tied into bangs behind her back when working at the Zoo. And during the Russian Revolution, she had a boyish cut.

These two styles are her favourite, and after Riku Miyagusuku’s death, her bangs extended below her chin. This made her look like she had a bob cut.

Although in the last episode she cuts her hair to look like her old self in season 1.

3. Maple 


Maple is the protagonist of the anime Bofuri. She is Kaede Honjou and goes by Maple in New World Online. She’s light-skinned with a one-of-a-kind hairstyle, shiny black with a short cowlicked tress.

She has grey-coloured eyes. Maple and Risa Shiramine are best friends, and she always motivated her to play NewWorld Online, which she eventually did.

She lives a stress-free life, forgiving anyone who wrongs her and regards everyone as a possible friend one day. Maple is a curious, absent minded girl who accidentally got her superhuman abilities due to unanticipated incidents. Her main weapon is the great shield.

Maple is a straightforward person filled with zeal and innocence. She plays games for fun, and her personality in the video game is similar to hers in real life.

2. Shiina Mayuri 

Shiina Mayuri

Shiina Mayuri, also called Mayushii, is the lead character of the anime and manga Steins; Gate and Steins; Gate 0. She’s a small, slimish girl with dazzling sky-blue eyes with bold eyebrows. She has short dark black hair with side-swept bangs.

Shiina and Rintarou Okabe have been friends since childhood. She’s also part of the Future Gadget Laboratory. Shiina is innocent and soft-spoken and does not understand much about the lab’s research on time travel. However, she does provide good intel in her way. She’s what we call an idealist.

Shiina isn’t too keen on people quarrelling with each other or even when they are going through personal issues. She would like to assist but can’t see beyond the surface.

The story behind Rintaro naming her Stardust Shakehand is that she regularly escorts her grandmother to her backyard to watch the stars, and due to this, she tends to elongate her hands out in the air over and over again.

She’s a part-timer at a maid cafe called Faris Nyannyan, and during her spare time, she knits costume attires. Ruka Urushibara has to wear them. The story focuses on Okabe and his efforts to rescue Mayuri from dying because of the D-mail’s consequences. 

1. Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman is from the epic series Attack On Titans, and if you don’t know her, I am sorry for you. She’s the ultimate boss lady with a fierce attitude and knows exactly what she wants as if she’s in her league. Her fighting style and skills are one of a kind.

Many people think she has obsessive affection for Eren, which is actually true, but this doesn’t mean she lacks other qualities.

She’s a sympathetic, warm-hearted person who’s always there for her comrades at their lowest. She comforted Armin, Sasha, Levi, Jean and others, too.

Mikasa is sometimes the co-protagonist if required and kills without mercy when necessary.

I think she’s the most beautiful woman in the Attack On Titans series.


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