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Why Does Nezuko Act Like a Baby?

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Nezuko Kamado sometimes shows behavior similar to that of a child, like sleeping for longer hours or having less verbal communication.

Now, this kind of behavior is mainly due to her transformation into a demon. With time, she starts adapting to her new existence while suppressing demonic instincts.

Nezuko’s Childlike Behavior Post-Transformation

After Nezuko Kamado is changed into a demon, she displays the outstanding physical qualities of a child, which always diverges from her previous and developed position. This change brings issues about the effects of demonization on her mental and profound timing.

  1. Regression to Childlike State: She normally acts more like a kid than the teen she was. She may be using this aggression as a deterrent, subconsciously shielding her humanity from the horrors of her new life.
  2. Simplification of Emotional Responses: Nezuko’s personal articulations post-change are less difficult and more straightforward, much like those of a younger child. This could be because the transformation made their cognitive processes simpler and focused her on immediate fundamental emotions like love, protection, and fear.
  3. Protective Instincts Amplified: Despite her childlike demeanor, Nezuko displays wild defensive senses, particularly towards her sibling, Tanjiro. This protective behavior is more pronounced than typical care for siblings, but that suggests that her demonic form is influenced by deeply ingrained emotional memories from her human life.

The Impact of Demon Transformation on Nezuko’s Mental State

  • Memory and Cognition: The demon transformation affects Nezuko’s mental and cognitive abilities. And apparently, being her human abilities clouded, she behaves like a small child.
  • Emotional Preservation: While her mental capacities are clearly in jeopardy, her close-knit relationship with her family stays solid. When this happens, I suggest that her demonic transformation has a selective impact on certain mental functions.
  • Conflict Between Human and Demon: The encroaching Nezuko’s natural human emotions are at odds with her mental state. Hair behavior, which alternates between docile passivity and fierce aggression, frequently reflects this conflict. This causes growth, balancing human emotions and demonic instincts as it advances.

Nezuko’s Development: Balancing Demon Instincts and Human Emotions

As the series continues, Nezuko can illustrate the development from her struggles and gradually master her demonic instincts via her residual human capabilities as she exhibits a capacity for growth.

  • Learning and Adaptation: Despite her initial childlike simplicity, she figures out how to control her demonic powers and even uses them to safeguard others, demonstrating mental improvement.
  • Emotional Growth: Nezuko’s range of emotions grows as she encounters a variety of situations to protect and be compassionate with responses from demons that are unusual. Despite her demonic nature, those responses point to a complex advancement of emotional development.
  • Control Over Instincts: Now, her oversight of controlling her instincts is one of the main parts of her advancement in rising command over her weakest senses. She’s able to maintain her humility in the face of overwhelming. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Nesuko’s childlike behavior comes from her ability to change her character based on her demon-like plus human features.


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