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When does Naruto Shippuden get good? Quick Answer

Whether you like it or not, you agree or disagree; it’s for sure that Naruto remains an awesome anime. Yeah, of course, it may not be the only thing we have out there. Plenty of anime stories are out there, and they might be perfectly written, too.

Despite this, Naruto is still a good one. The fact that the other anime are perfect won’t dull the shine of Naruto’s. 

Regarding the boundless and grand narrative, Naruto Shippuden does fairness for the characters; it gets under its way. The weight of its emotion gets dense as time passes. However, Shippuden faces an issue sticking to a rigid storyline for every part of the anime.

Throughout the storyline, we find enormous trivial and vital points. But the link between all these points needs a little bit of clarification. Also, the fans would appreciate it if the episodes could be condensed to a shorter length. 

When does Naruto Shippuden become good?

When does Naruto Shippuden become good

Anyone who wants to start watching the Naruto Shippuden anime can start with the Kazekage Rescue Mission or the Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission. It doesn’t matter from which mission they have started to watch as long as the series gets to its core point from Tale of Jiraiya.

Here is the part where Jiraiya, who discovered Akatsuki, becomes misfortunate in searching for pain. 

The fans get to know that it wasn’t a good time for the characters when they notice that Tobi’s identity is under question. Soon after that, we got one of the influential story arcs of the episode, followed by a filler, and at last, we find the Pain’s Assault.

Starting from that incident, Akatsuki became something that it wasn’t before; it wasn’t just a single change but a huge transformation that even the fans couldn’t recognize. Naruto: Shippuden is covered with fillers, and we can get plenty of them as the episode continues.

One of the lengthy arcs is the Fourth Shinobi World War. However, it got cut by fillers and with some flashbacks that add value to the main scene. 

It’s true that some fans are comfortable with that, but I’m not too fond of it.

Sometimes, it aches to watch a series, knowing that you must wait until the next episode is released. Who knows, what is supposed to be the most epoch-making moment would no longer be interesting after spending many episodes on a filler. 

In conclusion, the series starts with Naruto’s journey, and it gets some suspense when it comes to Jiraiya’s unrestless finding of pain. That’s for sure; we have scenes showing the passing on of fan- fan-best-loved characters and huge wars before Shippuden’s incident. However, the story of Jiraiya the Gallant is worthy of attention in several ways.


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