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Best Pokemon Team In Crystal That Enlightened My Heart

Are you a fan of Pokémon games? If Yes, then you definitely need to play Pokemon Crystal at least once if you haven’t yet. It was a very popular Pokemon game when it was released back in the day. It is the third release in the Gen 2 of Pokemon games.

Current Pokemon games may feel overwhelming to some players due to so many variables, but that was not the case back in the day; things were quite simple and enjoyable.

Moreover, many people still play this game to bring back those memories. So, Are you also planning to play Pokemon Crystal? Then, stay with us to learn how to form a killer team in Pokemon Crystal. 

Team composition is very important in this game. A good team can make your path smoother, and a bad team composition can turn your wonderful game journey into a hellish experience. Moreover, If you plan to beat Elite Four, Gym Leaders, Team Rocket and Champions, then you will need a solid team.

Now, to make the best team, you’ll have to understand the metagame, find out the strengths and weaknesses of each type, know status advantages, and unlock secret moves.  

However, don’t worry; the stat and battle systems are not so complicated in Pokemon Crystal. So, let’s check out our recommended best team composition for creating the best team in Pokemon Crystal. Moreover, We have also given some alternatives as a bonus. 

1. Graveler


Garvler and its evolution Golem are rock and ground-type Pokemon from Pokemon Crystal. 

While Graveler is a good choice, its evolution Golem is a better option, in my opinion. It will give a great boost to your team’s strength. So, I recommend going for the evolved version if you opt for Graveler. 

Rock type has an advantage when fighting against Fire, Big, Flying and Ice-type. At the same time, Ground-type has an advantage against Electric, Rock, Poison, Steel and Fire-type attacks. However, they are weak against Flying, Fighting, Grass, Bug and Waype attacks. 

2. Feraligatr


To get your hands on a Feraligatr, you have to choose Totodile at the start of the game, then start levelling it up, and when you reach level 18, you can evolve it into a Croconaw, then you get a third evolution option at level 30, where you can finally evolve it into a Feraligatr. 

Feraligatr is a Water-type Pokemon that fares well against Rock, Fire and Ground attacks. However, Electric and Grass-type attacks are their big weaknesses.  

3. Gyarados


This one is a yes from my side, no matter how you get your hands on it. It’s a powerhouse water-type Pokemon. Generation II Red Gyarados is just too good of a deal to pass up.

4. Espeon


Espeon is one of the most well-balanced Psychic Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal. It is a choice for the evolution of Eevee. It is probably the most tanky psychic Pokemon out there. Due to the strong defensive stats, you can also use it for Reflect and Light Screen.

While it doesn’t compare to Alkazam in terms of speed and offensive capabilities, it can take a lot of beating and remain standing due to higher HP. 

5. Jynx


Jynx is a dual-type Pokemon with Ice and Psychic type, which makes it weak against Rock, Fire, Dark, Bug, Steel, and Ghost-type moves. However, it also gives it an upper hand against Flying, Poison, Grass, Ground, Dragon, and Fighting-type foes. 

So, If you are looking for a robust companion for your team in Pokemon Crystal, look no further. 

6. Fearow


You need at least one flying-type Pokemon in your team, and Fearow is a good choice. It comes with Flying and Normal Type, which makes it very effective when fighting Bug, Grass and Fighting type Pokemon. However, Electric, Ice and Rock type attacks are its weaknesses. 

While the Normal type is not the most robust out there, it has a big advantage when dealing with ghost-type moves. 


Now, some alternative Pokemon didn’t make it to the main list due to some of their weaknesses. But, If you can cover those weaknesses, they will be a very powerful ally for you. 

Moreover, we added a legendary Pokemon to this list as we didn’t have any in the main one, so if you want to add legendaries to your team, Suicine is a good option to consider. 

1. Suicine


Suicine is the best water type legendary Pokemon you can get in Pokemon Crystal. So, if you want something to replace your old water-type Pokemon, there is no better option than this guy. 

It is also the biggest reason for not suggesting Totodile as a starter Pokemon since such great options are available later in the game. Suicine will be a helpful ally when you tackle post-game content. 

2. Ampharos


Ampharos is from Pokemon Generation II and is an electric-type Pokemon. It has many powerful electric attacks on its move pool. Moreover, it can also use Iron Tail against opponents resistant to electric-type attacks. 

A good HM moveset to leave your opponents in the dust would be a wave of attacks starting with Thunder Wave, Iron Tail, Thunder Punch and Flash as a finisher. 

3. Miltank


Many of you will think of getting a Miltank after witnessing Whitney’s battle in earlier stages of the game. Miltank is a very robust Pokemon. Some useful moves you can teach your Miltank include Shadow Ball, Rollout, Milk Drink and Strength.

It also has a big movepool, which is useful against many types. It is a solid take that can take damage and deal powerful damage like a cannonball. 

4. Heracross


Heracross was a secret treasure of Generation II. Most of the trainers who caught this Pokemon could not grasp the true potential of this Pincer. Therefore, it’s a wonderful alternative Pokemon for your team in Crystal. 

5. Tyranitar


Tyranitar is a dual-type Pokemon with Rock and Dark type, Which covers most weaknesses of its opponents and makes it resistant to most types as well. It can easily deal with Ghost and Psychic-type attacks and prove offensive against Flying and Fire. 

However, getting a Tyranitar will not be easy; you must start with a Lavitar and evolve it into a Tyranitar. But don’t get discouraged because all these efforts are worth it when you get your hands on Tyranitar.

6. Exeggutor


Exeggutor is a dual-type Pokemon with a Grass and Psychic type. Most psychic Pokemon don’t have high HP and are like a glass cannon, but this one is not the case. It has high enough HP and strong defensive stats to make it a tank. At the same time, it does not have any powerful sp. Attack, it does make up for it with powerful attack stats. 

7. Crobat


Corbat is a flying type pokemon with amazing speed stat, and it can also deal huge amounts of damage to your opponents while they are confused due to high speed. It has a big move pool with a wide variety of attacks. However, if you don’t like this for some reason, then Skarmory is also a decent flying type Pokemon. 

8. Porygon 2

Porygon 2

Porygon 2 is a normal type of Pokemon; it is also hard to find since it is a rare Pokemon in Crystal. Due to being a normal type, it can resist many types with little to no effort. 

It has a wide range of moves to select from, so you can form effective strategies when facing off against different types of foes. The only time it will struggle is when fighting against Fighting-type. 

So, overall, I put Porygon 2 as an alternative option due to its versatility, but if you can take advantage of the strong points and form a strategy around it, then it’s going to be useful in upcoming battles.


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