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13 Best Poison Type Pokemon Violet Listed

Poison-type Pokemons serve best if you have a good strategy. They cannot initially deal much attack damage, but their Poison deals much damage as time passes. They are a good match against fairy-type and Grass-type Pokemon but weak against Psychic-type and Ground-type Pokemon. But they can be added to pretty much any composition. 

If you want to master Poison Pokemon, you will first have to work on the timings of your attacks and learn to use the right move at the right time. Unlike other types, Poison types cannot tank many hits or deal massive damage instantly, so it’s important to plan your attacks strategically with such Pokemon. 

So, If you are looking for some of the best Poison-type Pokemon to include in your team, then you have come to the perfect place. Some of the best Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet are listed below, along with some crucial information like their special moves, strengths and weaknesses.

So, are you ready to poison your way to the top in Pokemon Violet?

1. Salazzle


Salazzle is a Poison-type and Fire-type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation 7. It is an evolution of the female Salandit. Appearance wise it looks similar to a Salamander. Poison and fire make it a fearful foe against a wide range of opponents.

Salazzle’s signature technique was corrosion in previous generations. It allows you to deal poison damage on any type of enemy, even to the steel types. However, her signature technique was changed in the 9th Generation from Corrosion to Fire Lash.




Clodsire is a Poison and Ground type Pokemon. It has numerous moves like Poison Jab, Toxic Spikes, Quagsire, and Poison Point. It is the evolution of Wooper. 

However, there are 2 types of Woopers, so I want to highlight their differences. Clodsire is the evolution of Wooper and is a Poison and Ground type, while Quagsire is the evolution of Wooper and is a Water and Ground type.

Clodsiret still has the Ground-type move pool like a regular Quagsire, but it also gains Poison as an additional STAB (Same-Type Attack Bonus). The poison point ability can poison the attackers in battle.

3. Muk


Muk is a pure Poison-type Pokemon. It is the perfect representation of what a Poison type would look like. It evolves from the Grimer.

Always be careful and maintain your distance if you ever see Muk because its whole body is poisonous. It looks like a purple sludge with a big, wide mouth. 

You can find it in areas where there is trash and toxic waste. As a poison-type Pokemon, it is naturally weak against Ground-type and psychic-type Pokemon.

4. Sneasler


Sneasler is a Poison/Fighting-type Pokemon first introduced in the 8th Generation. It has a high speed and attack stat. It existed during the era when Legend Arceus took place. It is the evolved form of the Hisuian Sneasel. It can transform when exposed to a Razor Claw in the Daytime.

As a fighting type Pokemon, it is good at close-range combat. You can turn it into Paldea by using the Pokemon Home. It has many powerful moves like Brick Break And Poison Jab.

5. Toxicroak


Just like Sneasler, Toxicroak is also both Poison-type and Fighting-type Pokemon. When a Croagunk reaches level 37, it evolves into Toxicroak. It was introduced in the Fourth Generation and comes with high-speed and high attack stat.

The word Toxicroak is made up of 2 words, Toxic and croak. It is named like that because it has a poison sac on its throat, which makes it look like a big frog, in my opinion. 

As a Fighting type, it can deal a lot of damage. At the same time, its Poison can slowly damage the enemy, even after the initial attack. This combination makes it a deadly opponent.

6. Gengar


Gengar is a Ghost and Poison-type Pokemon. It was introduced in the First Generation. It was the first Ghost Pokemon in Generation 1, so many people forget it’s also a Poison-type Pokemon. It evolves from the Haunter, which, as you can guess, looks like someone who would haunt you at night.

Gengar has a lot of advantages because it’s a ghost type. The first and biggest advantage is that it can pass through objects and appear at any place. Quite scary, isn’t it? If that isn’t scary enough, it can also Levitate.

Gengar always has a big smile with red eyes (Maybe he is busy scaring other Pokemon at night and isn’t getting enough sleep). It is weak against Psychic type and Ghost type opponents.

7. Grafaiai


It is a normal and Poison-type Pokemon. It looks similar to a monkey. The evolution doesn’t make sense for Grafaifai as its previous evolution was a toxic mouse-type Pokemon, while Grafaifai is a Toxic Monkey-type Pokemon.

You should choose it because it’s the only Pokemon out there who can use the ‘Doodle’ move. It allows Grafaifai to copy the moves of its enemy. It can also draw patterns on trees that attract Bug-type Pokemon towards it.

8. Toxtricity


Toxtricity is the evolution of Toxel. But a Toxel can evolve into 2 different types of Toxtricity. First is the amped form, and second is the low-key form. They mostly look the same in both evolutions. It is an Electric type and Poison-type Pokemon. The toxic nature of Toxtricity only comes out during battle.

ItsIt’s design is very funky, and many fans love it because of that. It has many abilities like Overdrive, Boomburst, and Punk Rock. It can use Terrastalization and Boomburst to get an additional 50 per cent damage boost.

Boomburst is a Normal-type move that is boosted by another ability called Punk Rock, which boosts the sound-based moves up to 30 per cent.

One thing to be careful about is that it’s not only toxic against your enemies but might also start attacking your ally Pokemon.

9. Revavroom


If you are a machine lover, then Revavroom is a perfect pick for you. It is a Poison/steel-type Pokemon. It is the evolved form of varoom. It kind of looks like the engine of a vehicle. And it’s name also reminds me of that ‘Vroom Vroom’ sound that we use to describe the sound of a car engine.

It evolves relatively later than others, at level 40. But it has some impressive moves like Poison Jab, Iron Head, and Gunk Shot at that time.

It is weak against Fire and Ground-type. But it also gives 10 points of resistance and immunity against other Poison-types. ItsIt’s evolution move called ‘Shift Gear’ boosts its attack stat and greatly increases speed, thus increasing its damage during attacks.

10. Glimmora


Glimmora’s appearance distinguishes it from other Pokemon in the Scarlet and Violet. It looks like a flower, and it can also close its petals. However, beware before getting near this pretty flower, as it can be poisonous!

Glimmora is a dual Rock-type and Poison-type Pokemon. It is the evolution of Glimmet. It has a big coverage so you can hit diverse types and deal much damage. ItsIt’s ability, called Toxic Debris, sets up a layer of Toxic Spikes every time you hit it with a physical move. 

However, just using that one ability would be a waste as it has some other interesting moves. For example, the Toxic Debris move, along with itsit’s high special attack, can defeat many opponents without wasting much time.

11. Skuntank


Skuntank is a Poison-type/Dark-type Pokemon introduced in the 4th generation. Stunky evolves into Skuntank. Don’t judge this skunk based on its appearance, as it may not look that strong, but its attack stat is remarkably high. 

Skuntank is weak against ground type. It has some great abilities like Aftermath and Stench. The stench has a small possibility of causing the opponent to flinch when it tries to attack. The aftermath can also damage the opponent after it has passed out; this can be shocking to some opponents.

So, If you want to add Poison and Dark-type attacks to your repository, then Skuntank will not disappoint you. 

12. Iron Moth

Iron Moth

If you are looking for a Fire and Poison-type Pokemon that can burn down your enemies, Iron Moth is perfect. However, its only downside is that it’s only available to Pokemon Violet, so Pokemon Scarlet players won’t just find it out in the wild. Therefore, if you are from Scarlet, you must trade it with another player who already has it.

We don’t know where it evolved from or what this Pokemon evolved into, but it’s a future version of Volcarona because Iron Moth looks like it. It looks like a robotic butterfly with six orange-coloured wings around it.

13. Amoonguss


This funny-looking Mushroom-type Pokemon has 2 small Pokeball-like hands and a big Pokeball-coloured head. This mushroom has 2 eyes and a roundish mouth on its body. Amoonguss is quite popular in the meme community as its name resembles Among Us.

But besides the memes, this Pokemon is powerful, even if it may not look like it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have made it on our list.

It’s a Poison/Grass-type Pokemon that was introduced during Generation 5. It is an evolution of the Foongus. (Before you try eating mushrooms picked from the wild, ensure there’s no Foongus Amoonguss).

However, this meme legend Pokemon may soon be forgotten because of ‘Brute Bonnet’, which looks similar to Amoonguss and was introduced in later generations.

Jokes aside, it has some impressive move pool. Some of the powerful moves that it has up its sleeve are Rage Powder and Spore, which provide a perfect redirection move and sleep move. Another ability called Pollen Puff can cause damage to its opponents while healing the allies. Clear Smog can clear your enemy’s stat boosts.

It has an amazing regeneration ability that can heal 33 per cent of its health every time you switch it out. And unlike Brute Bonnet, it does not fear against Bug-type moves like Omnipresent U-turn.



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