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Best Blonde Anime Characters Rated by Otakus in 2024

Are you amazed? Why are we talking about hair color? What’s so distinguishing about them?

Well, it’s not just the yellow hair color that sets them apart. These Blonde characters exhibit exceptional qualities of courage and might.

Their unmatching philosophy and need for justice make them irresistible to anime fans. They are highly revered for their perennial spirit and magnetic aura.

Did we mention that some of them are monstrous, too? Never mind, either of them, both the types exhibit dashing personalities. Let’s peek at these blonde Anime characters to know a bit more about their existence in the anime world.

20. Armin Armlert

Armin Armlert

The length of the hair determines the purity of the soul. Hilarious, isn’t it? Such phenomena are common in the fictional world to gravitate to the characters’ presence.

Welcome to the Attack on Titan manga series. We have spotted one blonde character named Armin Armlet, whose length of hair reflects his virtuousness.

His long hair turns short as the series progresses. His diminished length indicates his terrible deeds and his dwindled purity of heart.

Sometimes, courage and intellect weigh over the combating skills. And Armin, not being the best warrior, never hesitates to oppose his seniors in order to restore his friends’ interest.

Despite her mistakes, fans find it difficult to forget the beauty of his blue eyes and long, lustrous blonde hair.

19. Tsukishima


We have a Volleyball player on the list. Meet Tsukishima from the Karasuno Volleyball Club in Haikyuu!

He is tall with short blonde hair and serves as a middle blocker in the game. Initially, he takes the game quite lightly in the initial year.

Later on, he discovers the real joy and finds it interesting. Even though he has a sarcastic personality, he has feelings for his team and almost treats them as a family.

18. Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia

Just as the name sounds, Lucy Heartfilia is full of hope and charm in her heart.

Her brown eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair enchant her fans. Her lively vibes are reflected in her different hairstyles. She loves to tie colorful ribbons in her hair and is spotted with all the types of hairstyles in the show.

Watch the Fairy Tail series only if you want to remain engrossed in Lucy’s captivating looks because her fans find it difficult to resist her persona.

17. Tsumugi(Mugi) Kotobuki

Tsumugi(Mugi) Kotobuki

We have one real-life influencer on the list! Don’t be amazed to see the beautiful girls following Mugi’s hairstyle. Her golden straight hair has become the fashion fiesta among young girls.

The K-ON series reflects a rich girl’s lifestyle. She is a privileged child and has access to all the luxuries. It’s not her Richie Rich lifestyle but her down-to-earth nature that creates more appeal.

She absolutely finds joy in small things. Nowadays, this attitude rules the fictional world and we hardly find its traces in real life. Something to ponder!

Talking about her other traits, she has a pleasant personality and loves to play piano. Don’t be mistaken for her girly traits; she can almost lift the amps and instruments with zero stress.

K-ON is a must-watch for Tsumugi’s blonde look and innate ingenuity.

16. Bakugo


A hero lies beneath the bad guy. Is it true, or is it a split personality syndrome? Rein in your thoughts, friends! We are talking about Katsugi Bakugo from My Hero Academia manga series.

His story starts in conflict with Izuku Midoriya, the main character of the series. He is portrayed as a short-tempered guy who will almost blast off his emotions to oppose Izuku.

Despite his differences, a kind-hearted savior resides beneath his volatile nature, always keen to save the world.

As the story progresses, his soothing character also progresses. Yet he enjoys the class 1 rank amongst the strongest heroes for his eccentric emotional outburst in the series.

15. Dio Brando

Dio Brando

Want to meet a monster in the hue of paleness? Dio Brando from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series is the best blond Anime villain of the time.

The epitome of selfishness and betrayal, he surpasses all the standards of viciousness to destroy his enemies. He doesn’t care to turn to vampires to torture Jonathan’s ancestors in the series.

His blonde combed hair shines with the golden stand he uses in the series. His sturdy body complements the blond hair in the black background, making it an unforgettable look for their fans.

His blond look, accompanied by evil acts, makes a mark in the series and makes it a mesmerizing figure for anime lovers.

14. Chitoge Kirisaki

Chitoge Kirisaki

This character is a trendsetter in Japan! Meet Chitoge Kirisaki from the Nisekoi manga series.

Want to know what is unique about her blonde look? Like others, she does have golden hair, but her hairs are pinned in the end.

What to say about the reddish bow in her hair? It almost creates a bunny appeal to her cute personality. The short strands on the side of the face just float with her wavy aura.

We must say watch Nisekoi anime for her assertive traits, as it may reveal more of an American girl dominating the anime world.

13. Marin Kitagawa

Marin Kitagawa

Do you know that Marin Kitagawa went viral on the internet? Her sparkling nature was just an excuse; her blonde hair with pink highlights was a real sensation amongst her fans, making her an overnight success!

Marina has got her left brain functional, but she still heavily relies on Wakana Gojo for her dressing style. Even though her looks are creative, it signifies her unorganized approach to life. She is seen in many jaw-dropping looks in the series, but her blonde look tops the list of anime lovers.

For many more trendy details, we recommend watching the My Dress-Up Darling anime series.

12. Edward


Oh dear! We have a tragic story here!

If you have watched Fullmetal Alchemist you must have known the demise of Edward Elric’s mother. Besides this tragedy, what follows next in an attempt to revive her is very painful. Alchemy had almost cost Edward his limbs and his brother, Alphonse, his entire body.

Not to mention, Edward’s utter diligence made him the best Alchemist of the time. Despite his loss and his brother’s loss, he remained cheerful and optimistic and promised to regain their body.

You must be thinking, the story is heartwarming, but where do the blondes come into the picture? Well! Our hero, Edward, is one of the sharpest blond boys featured in the anime world.

When we hear his name, ombre eyes, golden hairs touching the side of the face, and a pointed hand come in front of the eyes.

Nevertheless, he is one of the courageous, hopeful, and fierce blonde characters in the anime world.

11. Thorfinn


Change of personality, revenge in the shade of trust and brutal battles is a conventional plot in the anime world. What sets it apart is how well a character is written, which becomes an intriguing factor for anime fans.

We have one such story of Thorfin, a son of Thor in the Vinland Saga. Askeladd killed his father. He decided to take revenge. In the quest to avenge, Askeladd’s personality transforms into stoicism from being a gentle boy.

He became a part of the mercenary group of Askeladd to gain his trust. And then dreamed of stashing Askeladd with his sharp knives to avenge his father’s life.

Brutal yet heart-touching!

His blonde look, accompanied by extraordinary combating skills, makes him a must-watch blonde character for anime lovers.

10. Saber


Oh my goodness! Who can resist the charm of Saber in the Fate/Stay Night series? No doubt, she became a sensational image as soon as the first prequel Fate Franchise was released.

Her expressive face, turquoise eyes, and ombre hair with a bluish bow tied at the back are mesmerizing. Besides, the braided bun hairstyle adds a princely look to her personality.

The sword tells us about her being a fighter, but her body language talks about her might. She truly encompasses all the qualities of purity and courage to be a fighter for the Holy Grail.

Don’t miss this series, or else you will be missing one of the exceptional dramas of the anime world, of course featuring beautiful blonde Saber!

9. Ino Yamanaka

Ino Yamanaka

We have a blonde character, Ino Yamanaka, from the famous anime “Naruto”!

Ino’s story calls for a listening ear to get through your mind. She is a member of Team 10 and the “Ino” in the Ino-Shika-Cho. Right from childhood, she competes with Sakura.

What’s outstanding about her potential is that she lets users transform their aura into another person’s spiritual form to attack their enemies.

They call it a Mind-Body Transfer Technique. This technique proved to be fatal, combating Edo Tensei Kinkaku and Asuma on the battlefield.

Let’s reveal her personality. She is a fierce girl, but as the Anime progresses, she gets a good hold of calmness in her mind.

Her name symbolizes a flower named bush clover. She has a vast knowledge of flora. Synonymous with her name, she treasures love and care for her friends.

Friends! Don’t take her name for granted; she can be fierce and powerful with little to reveal from her one eye hidden beneath her blonde hair! Watch her for her twirling long golden ponytail with the martial arts moves in Naruto.

8. All Might

All Might

It’s rare to see a protagonist get impressed by others. Well, it happens in the All Might series.

We must say, All Might Bang has almost blinded Izuku Midoriya with its golden spike looks. He almost designed his half-superhero suit inspired by All Might’s blondeness.

To know more, My Hero Academia is always handy to shower viewers with the stories of Might and fascinating hairstyles.

7. Alice Zuberg

Alice Zuberg

Knives, for Justice and Love!

Interesting, isn’t it? What comes more in the SAO’s Alicization Arc is more interesting!

The story starts when cute Alice bumps into the Underworld and is forced into an execution punishment. She cleverly escaped the punishment but was forced to become an Integrity Knight of the Axion Church.

Being a child soldier, she vows to bring justice to the Underworld. Her story calls for her adventurous and intimidating nature, even as a child.

Talking about her looks, her blonde hair is terrific. The golden flowy hair, sometimes braided at the back, with a tiara on the forehead and mesmerizing bluish eyes, just adds a glorious persona to her character.

The golden blades arranged to form a flower heighten her cuteness combined with strength.

Don’t forget to bump into the Sword Art Online series, just as Alice bumped into the Underworld. You may discover hidden mysteries and ample joy!

6. Krista Lenz

Krista Lenz

Monster in the disguise of a mother and father far away from her; what a disturbing childhood of Krista


Though sweet to the world, her low self-esteem and recurrent suicidal thoughts are all thanks to her dreaded past. She regained confidence after she discovered the truth about her real parents. She was of royal blood and Historia Reiss, not Krista Lenz.

Just as she abandoned her old identity, she abandoned the guilt and self-contempt. She marched with hope, strength, dignity, and her flowy golden hair to make a mark in the Attack on the Titans manga series.

5. Naruto


Who doesn’t know Naruto? Just the name is enough to flash his story in front of the fans.

Naruto had a disheartening past. He lost his parents in a village massacre at an early childhood. He struggled hard to make friends and lead a normal life.

The Nine-Tailed Fox was sealed inside him, which made him eccentric. He grew up as a tough boy and came to be known as a Hokage amongst the strongest Shinobis.

Apart from his challenging life, he is widely recognized for his blonde look. The yellow spiky hair, silver circlet on his head, and vigilant blue eyes captivate their fans. To be at par with his blonde personality and sparkling zeal is a dream for many blonds in the anime world.

4. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Funny yet iconic, watch Sailor Moon for her eye-catching hairstyle!

She has golden hair, tied in two long ponytails which swirls with her every move. It’s pretty well understood for Mamoru’s criticism of her pigtails, but Sailor Moon’s fans find it fascinating and amusing.

Who says humorous looks don’t have a reach? Just dive into the anime fans club, and you will realize what Sailor Moon has stored to serve its audience.

3. Goku


Japanese Anime was bound to a particular region, but the Dragon Ball Z series has opened a new gateway to reach the entire world. It is the first Anime that has knocked out a foreign audience. We must say that Dragon Ball’s fame goes to Goku’s oscillating looks.

Normally, Goku is pictured with his black hair and normal look enough to catch the viewer’s attention. There is no question that when he goes for transformation with his super saiyan skills, his electric blonde look simply dazzles the viewers with his innate fire.

Is it jokes, applause, or criticism? What to say when people across the world resonate with his golden locks?

2. Violet


Poor Violet! What she knew of human emotions of love and care, where the only world she grew up belonged to war and commands.

As a child, she was used as a war weapon to fight brutal battles. The war had cost her both hands. She got it replaced with a silver one. Now, as the war has subsided, she is struggling to find the true purpose of her existence.

The new phase demands a new Violet. She is amidst the normal world, where normal human emotions persist. After becoming an Auto Memories Doll, she has started deciphering the sentiments of love and joy.

Her blonde hair, dismayed eyes, devastating past, and optimistic future have all the spice mix to remove dullness from your mundane life!

1. Lilith Bristol

Lilith Bristol

We have one Miss Richie rich girl soldier in the blond list. Lilith was a child soldier with a disturbing past.

Yet quite affluent, she had the privilege to fly in a helicopter to traverse the places. She arrived in Japan in search of Toru. She had heard of his bravery stories and thought he was a perfect match for her.

Like the spoiled brats, she surpasses all the limits of discipline. She will do something only if she wants to. No force nor bribe will ever work on her. But as the story progresses, her sentiments find a more pacifying place.

We promise you will be entangled in her blonde look, disobeyance and mesmerizing strength!


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