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Best Anime With Guns and Weapons – Top War Anime List of 2024

Are you amazed to read the title “Best Anime with Guns and Weapons”? Don’t be baffled because we definitely know that the anime world is ruled by swords and martial arts, and modern weapons stay far away from the manga plots.

Guns and Weapons are considered taboo and do not satiate the glory of the Samurai Realm. As per the ancient Japanese culture, modern weapons are considered shortcuts to bring down enemies and are not representative of one’s diligence and acquired skills.

Still, Guns and Weapons lays a foundation for modern enthralling epics to captivate your beats. Inspired by James Bond and other iconic Hollywood shooters, the anime world brings the perfect saga of thrill, murder, bloodshed and heroic acts of the modern warriors.

Here is a list of Best Anime with Guns and Weapons – Top War Anime List of 2023 to set you ablaze for modern fights.

15. Black Cat

Black Cat

Even though Black Cat falls on the last of the Top 15 War Anime list, it has the potential to capture the viewers with extraordinary gun fights and intricate plots.

The story revolves around the ruthless assassins. Train Heartnet is one of the leading killers in the Black Cat series. He possesses an ornate gun named Hades. This is his special gun and is characterized as one of the picturesque, beautifully crafted guns of the anime realm.

It’s not just the beauty of the gun that captures the eyes, but the elegance with which Train uses it makes it more appealing. Things have changed for Train after he meets Saya. He decides to leave Chronos and also promises never to kill anyone from there on.

14. Aoharu x Machinegun

Aoharu x Machinegun

Sometimes, watching a toy gunfight is also exciting if an enthralling plot and marvelous characters follow it. Here is one such Anime named Aoharu x Machinegun in the Best Anime with Guns and Weapons list.

Even though the Guns portrayed are toy guns, the motive they carry behind the fights is interesting. The story is about a girl named Hotaru who disguises herself as a boy. She loves guns and fights and becomes a member of the “Toy Gun Gun” team with Masamune and Thoru.

The team is an active participant in the Survival Games. Hotaru lacks gun expertise initially, but as the story unfolds, she becomes a master of it. She finds convenience in the boy’s attire, and her true gender is revealed later. She has a strong dislike for injustice and fights wholeheartedly to establish justice in society.

13. Hellsing


As the name suggests, it brings a glimpse of Hell to the anime world. If the bloodshed, ripping off the organs, and the presence of the vampire tremble you, we would recommend this Anime is not for you!

Be ready to dive into the terrible world where a vampire dominates the mercenaries and gives a terrible death to the opponents. Alucard is a vampire and uses Guns to kill his target. His targets are mostly criminals. He uses two special guns named Hellsing ARMS .454 Casull Auto.

Seras often accompany him in his killings. Seras is a sharpshooter and prefers a sniper gun as the main weapon, known as Hellsing ARMS Anti-Midian Cannon Harkonnen.

Boredom is miles away when you sit to watch Hellsing. In fact, what lies beside it is anxiety, thrill, intense action, and mind-blowing animation.

12. GATE


Gate, picking up from its name, mysterious supernatural creatures emerge from the stated Gate into modern Japan and horrify the civilians. Thousands of lives are lost in the city of Tokyo. The battle is fought between the modern army and the mysterious army.

Itami, a Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) member, emerges as a hero and protects civilians from supernatural creatures. The modern missiles, shooting guns, and machine guns definitely overpower traditional weapons, and the plot is perfectly set for the GATE viewers to witness the never-ending saga of the distinct worlds.

One thing that is noticeable about GATE is the characters it portrays. Their looks do not seem to impart fear or shake your legs; they impart a little cuteness to the plot, making it appealing to the younger kids.

11. Canaan


World works on the motto: “Love for Love and Hate for Hate!”. Yet the words ring in her ears, “Canaan, you should not fight hate with hate; you are different from us!” The world is cruel and leaves no choice for Canaan to fight evil with hatred, guns, and battles.

It is a fantastic Gun Anime portraying girls fighting the evil world and escalating every hope to bring justice and peace to the country.

The story revolves around friendship. Canna’s friend Maria works in Shanghai. She is a photographer and her life falls in danger. It is Cannan who becomes her savior and rescues her from the clutches of mysterious man and woman.

Don’t miss to witness the saga of friendship fighting the evils with guns and weapons in the modern world.

10. Gungrave


Friendship is turning to hostility! It is nothing new to see such life-turning events in real as well as in fictional stories. I must say, when these stories involve weapons and bloodshed, the climax clutches the viewer’s attention and sets a perfect plot to dignify its presence in the anime world.

Gungrave is one such story of Brandon Heat and Harry Macdowell, who are childhood friends. The story gains momentum as soon as they get involved with the Big Daddy Millennion mafia group. Harry’s ambition to become the leader of the mafia syndicate compels him to be malicious. Harry kills the leader of the gang and is also set behind his best friend, Brandon. Brandon rises up from the friendship and protests Harry’s evil deeds, who is then popularly called Bloody Harry.

The character’s dark appearance, action, excessive gun fire, and malicious acts perfectly describe the Gungrave anime.

9. Black Bullet

Black Bullet

Tiny yet deadly, these viruses have gained quite a popularity in Hollywood stories, and the Anime world is no exception to it. Black Bullet, featured in 2021, talks about the lethality of the Gastrea virus in the human body and the transformation it brings to it.

Rentaro, a childhood victim of the Gastrea virus, emerges as a powerful protagonist of the series. Despite losing the limbs and depending on prosthetic limbs, he portrays outstanding courage to fight the virus. He carries a special gun named Springfield XD loaded with special black bullets on his venture to eradicate Gastreas.

Belligerent and contagious, Black Bullet is a must-watch anime for gun lovers.

8. 91 Days

91 Days

Witnessing the family’s bloodshed is painful and detrimental to the survivor and throws him into a living hell. Revenge becomes the only purpose of his existence.

91 Days is one such anime portraying the lifelong revenge story of Angelo. The Vanetti mafia murdered his entire family in the lawless city. He urges to kill each and every member of the mafia gang. After 7 years, he gets a chance to infiltrate the Venetti gang. Without missing the opportunity, he reaches a lawless city like Avilio. The story is set in motion as he kills everyone and reaches his last target, the Vanetti gang’s son, Nero.

7. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

How can you miss out on Space adventures in the anime world? Friends! Cowboy Bebop is for you to rejoice in the innovative gun fires amidst the adventurous space voyage.

The Cowboy Bebop takes you to a futuristic world in 2071, where Spike Spiegel is a lead hunter in the series. He is easy-going yet hawkeyed. He never misses the targets. Jericho 941 R is a unique weapon of Spike depicted in the series.

Cowboy Bebop is a must-watch for anime lovers who prefer guns with action, comedy, and drama, everything demonstrated in a fictitious space world.

6. Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl

The title calls for its characters. Needless to say, all the shooters are girls in the Gunslinger Girl anime series. Don’t be confused with the gender playing with the Guns; Girls are as deadly as the male protagonist in any series and will leave your mind completely baffled by their origin and the pathetic story.

Orphan kids are the prime victim of any malicious organization. The same story is portrayed in the series. The orphan girls are rescued from hospitals and trained by the Social Welfare Agency of an Italian country. They are brainwashed and forged in rifle and gun shooting. The victims are left traumatized.

5. Golgo 13

Golgo 13

Can you guess the longest-running manga series in the anime world? Yes! You are right! It is the Golgo 13 anime series. It’s never a plot, and the precise shooting of a deadly assassin captures the viewer’s attention.

Duke Togo is the lead assassin in the series. Money is the only thing he cares about in his profession. The right amount calls for his precise shot. He uses an M-16 rifle to kill the targets. He is known for adhering to his contracts, never failing at killing the targets.

Apart from the precise and accurate shooting, Togo’s vivid plots to furnish the contracts make it an interesting epic.

4. Psycho-Pass

Psycho Pass

Just imagine how it feels when somebody or some machine knows your every thought, and your existence depends on their analysis. Paralyzing, right?

Psycho-Pass is one such sci-fi anime, where the AI system known as the Sybil system rules the human mind. Every thought of human beings is processed as a high or low threat to society, and based on the coefficient, decisions are made. The story brings Dominator, a special gun used by the inspectors. Akane is the main protagonist and is accompanied by an enforcer named Kogami.

The series has an interesting plot, a lot of action, and gunshots to become one of the must-watch anime for fans.

3. Jormungand


Want to see a lot of guns traded in the country? Jormungand is an anime to watch.

Johnathan Mars is a lead character in the series. He is a young soldier who hates weapons. In order to survive, he finds a job under a Gun dealer named Koko Hekmatyar. Despite his close relations with Koko, he chooses to drift apart as soon as he finds her malicious intentions to start a war.

With myriad guns and firearms, the mind-gripping storyline makes it perfect for anime fans to watch it over again.

2. Trigun


Trigun is not a recent anime, but it falls back to the 90’s. Owing to its enthralling plots and immense gunfire, it still holds a top place in the anime fans’ watch list.

The story revolves around the life of a wicked criminal named Vash the Stampede. A large sum rolls up on his head for his death. He appears to be vicious about the crimes, but as the story rewinds, he appears to be kind-hearted and has not killed a single human. It is his bad luck or the rumors, who has set him up for the crimes.

The young girl named Meryl is set forth to impart justice to Vash, whereas bounty hunters are behind Vash for the handsome money tagged on his death.

Trigun is a perfect saga of past, present, and upcoming adventures of the Vash and his exceptional shooting skills, which truly ruled the hearts of anime fans over decades.

1. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon tops the list of Top War Anime of 2023 with Guns and Weapons. If the anime world attracts you, and especially guns and weapons are your choice then this anime will definitely capture your eyes.

Rokuro is the lead character of the series. He is a normal person who lives a routine life and works in a company. The story takes a turn when some mercenaries in lust for money from the company’s Boss kidnap Rokuro. The official trip turns into a terrible and life-turning event for him when he is left abandoned by his company to suffer and die.

Later, he joins the mercenaries group and vows to fight for his betrayal. Black Lagoon is one such gun epic to captivate your eyes and never let you blink for a while.


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