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20 Best Anime Characters With Pink Hair: Charismatic and Stylish

If I say pink is pretty, only a half of you will agree! And if I say pretty pink adores the human hairs, the rest half of you will run away.

Hold on, friends! Wait for a while and think about what wise people have to say:

“Words said are echoed less than the words imagined, and it is far better if you get to visualize it!”

If you dive into the anime realm, you will encounter many characters with pink-coloured hair.

Funky colors always look astonishing and give life to the characters. With well-written characters, this pink-coloured hair becomes a standout attribute and makes them more memorable in their viewer’s minds. Besides pink being the girl’s favourite colour, the anime world catches half its audience with this Barbie hue.

Friends! Will you believe me if I say this Barbie color is not the jewel of only pretty girls? Even the cutest and sturdiest boys cherish and adore pinkish hues in their hair!

Naturally, these words will astonish you, and you will find it difficult to spot the characters yourself.

To lessen your search and specify your viewing time, jump to this comprehensive list of the top 20 characters with pink hair in the anime world. This hair color reflects not only the gentle feminist notion but also the tough one!

1. Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno

Boy or girl, I would say it is difficult to judge from Sakura’s looks!

Her baby pink short hair always baffles viewers at first sight. Undoubtedly, she is a sweet girl from the famous “Naruto” anime series. Her fair skin compliments her hair color and makes her an adorable girl.

Want to know her story? She was a blessed child with a good upbringing under her parents’ shade. There is always something annoying to distract your mind if the rest of the things happen to fall into place. The same thing happened with Sakura in her childhood.

Her oversized forehead became the spotlight for the naughty kids to bully her. Ino Yamanaka rescued her during the tough times and became her close companion. As time progressed, this bond got weaker with the arrival of others in their life.

Did you know Naruto Uzumaki initially failed to make his mark in Sakura’s heart? And Sakura had a secret crush on Sasuke?

I must say this first-listed pink-haired character has an interesting story. You must watch it if you are a fan of a pretty pink-haired beauty capable of unleashing her fierce side as and when required!

2. Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)

Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)

Friends, I have spotted another girl with short and long pink hair. I feel she is confused with her hairstyle.

Her hair color is perfect, but your hairstyle seems odd. What’s your say on seeing Yuno Gassi from the Future Diary anime series?

Despite her eccentric looks, she rules the hearts of millions of anime viewers. Do you know what the catch is?

It’s not her looks but her story that makes her popular. She not only crossed space and time but almost killed herself to be with her beloved.

Do you know what you will get online if you search Yandere? Yuno Gasai is the only dominant Yandere in the anime world!

Even after a decade, her story and character allure anime fans’ hearts.

3. Natsu (Fairy Tail)

Natsu (Fairy Tail)

I would call him Pink Angry Bird.

Yes, you deciphered it right! This character is a boy with bob-cut pink hair. He seems to tame anger, and his head is always on fire!

If you have seen “Fairy Tale” anime, you must be familiar with Natsu and his nature. If not, this paraphrase will interest you in watching his transformational journey.

In the anime, he is characterized as highly active and action-oriented. He does not spend even a second to think before reacting. He doesn’t even listen to others’ advice.

His silly nature has cost him a lot. He converted this challenging journey into a learning one and became emotionally wise and balanced.

His story is as inspiring as his distinguishing looks.

4. Yachiru Kusajishi

Yachiru Kusajishi

Want to meet a cute child who is full of life?

Of course, pink is the colour of his hair, and his hair is short!

Meet Yachiru Kusajishi from the “Bleach” anime series. His language is cute and soothing to one’s ears. She doesn’t fail to give nicknames to his friends. She loves candies, and star shape seems to be his favourite.

Do you think she is just a jolly child with no special attributes? She is extremely fast and outruns almost anyone. She always annoys Kenpachi and is frequently seen clinging on his shoulder.

She is a lieutenant and is a skilled swordswoman. Though her childhood is despairing, she doesn’t let her past control her present and make her remorseful.

5. Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume

Is it convincing if I say a superb brain dwells beneath pinky hairs?

If not, I recommend watching Mei Hatsume’s “My Hero Academia” anime series.

I know what comes to your mind when hearing the anime name “My Hero Academia.”

Here, we will not talk about the quirks of the specially gifted children but a beautiful lady who has brains, too!

Despite being a side character, she happens to be the most intelligent one. Her inventions are almost rocking and help the other characters to perform heroic stunts.

Don’t mistake her intelligence for her sharpness. At times, she is found to be less active and passive observant. She was so engrossed in talking with Isuzu Morio that she never realized that one of her inventions caught fire.

It’s always fun to watch this young scientist with pink hair as she indulges herself in creating cool equipment.

6. Mina Ashido (My Hero Academia)

Mina Ashido (My Hero Academia)

Once again, I spotted one more pink-haired character from the “My Hero Academia” anime series.

This series does not need any introduction, but this character named Mina Ashido deserves one.

She is a wholesome pink beauty with pink hair and skin tone. The yellow distinguishing horns on her face make her look like a hybrid person. She is going to her quirks.

Talking about her academics, she’s not a bright student, but she is diligent enough to learn all the skills.

Seeing this different beauty is always rejoicing as she enjoys the dance moves and her class training sessions.

7. Anemone


This pretty pink-haired girl has got a heartwarming story.

Her story will fill your eyes with tears and head with anger.

On hearing her story, nobody will ever trust the intentions of an army. She was a pretty girl who was ruthlessly experimented on and converted to a humanoid Coralian by the army.

I am talking about Anemone from the “Eureka Seven” anime series. She has got long pink hair and purple eyes.

Her looks are catchy, but her mental state is empathetic. She needs external medications to balance her emotions and remain peaceful.

She is a masterpiece in the history of the anime world. Watch her in the anime series as she tactfully rides the plane and serves the army.

8. Lucy – Elfen Lied

Lucy – Elfen Lied

One more character, a victim of dreadful experimentations.

This time, the mental trauma was sharp enough to pierce the emotional quotient of a little child and made her a sadistic and emotionless person.

She has pink hair and nice looks, but nothing is nicer to talk about than her transformative story and resultant nature.

Call her Lucy, Nyu, or Kaidee; she is our girl and the main character of the Elfen Lied anime series.

Don’t go by her attractive looks. She is just a mindless beast and ready to kill anyone and everyone who falls in her way. It doesn’t matter whether the victim is a criminal or an innocent person.

She is a must-watch pink-haired anime girl who ranks seventh on this list.

9. Yuri Nakamura (Angel Beats!)

Yuri Nakamura (Angel Beats!)

What a beauty! It is perfect to be listed as a pink-haired doll of the anime world!

Talking about her looks, she has got dark purplish pink hair and turquoise eyes. A perfectly cut face and fair skin to adore the viewer’s eyes.

Meet Yuri Nakamura from the “Angel Beats” anime series.

She is truly an angel of this anime series. When I call her an angel, does this word lighten up your curious mind? Let’s know a bit about her story.

Her childhood is traumatic and daunting. She was captivated for a while. She found a way to escape from this forceful prison and found freedom. She has never let her spirit down despite captivity. She has always held her head high with hope. She always fought for justice and stood by the people.

She is a courageous, smart, determined, and beautiful girl who inspires others with her story.

10. Aries from Fairy Tail

Aries from Fairytail

Meet Snow White of the anime world!

Aries from Fairy Tales is a white beauty with pink hair curled outwards. She has brown horns on each side of her face. She resembles a lamb!

Her appearance talks about her heavenly being and vocal of the twelfth zodiac sign, Aries. Indeed, in the series, she is a powerful entity. She belongs to the mystical world, the Realm of Fiore, where magic is the only known power.

But why does she look remorseful? What’s her story? Her story is quite daunting, but it’s certainly her timid nature that explains her facial expression.

Watch this gentle and polite lady who Oversaw all the troubles and was always on her tiptoes to help others in the anime.

11. Saiki Kusuo (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K)

Saiki Kusuo (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K)

Don’t be surprised to see a young, handsome boy with bright fuschia pink hair, wearing greenish spectacles and appearing in a green suit.

He is none other than Saiki Kusuo from the “Disastrous Life of Saiki K” anime series.

I feel there is quite a thing with antennae on his head. He is not a normal boy. He has got special powers. Powers to read others’ minds alter and change the course of time.

Don’t be surprised to see him if he can turn people into stones!

Do you think this special power can make his life interesting? Rather, it would be quite challenging to lead a normal one!

Watch his struggles to overcome the mundane and ignite the spark of excitement once again in his life in the anime series.

12. Uranai Baba

Uranai Baba

Hold on, friends! We have a pink-haired witch on the list.

She is Uranai Baba from the “Dragon Ball” anime series.

Her pointed, black hat, Wrigley face, dark pink hair, and short stature wrapped in black attire will make you ponder for her age.

She happens to be quite old and wise. Like other witches, do you know she has a crystal ball? She unveils her magic to see the future of others.

Her service is not free. If you don’t test her patience in exchange for money, she may grant you the punishment you have never thought of in your dreams.

Watch this old yet expressive pink hair in the Dragon Ball as she becomes the bridge between her king and the Earth.

13. Nonon Jakuzure (Kill La Kill)

Nonon Jakuzure (Kill La Kill)

Meet the extremely sporty pink-haired character of the anime world.

She is Nonon Jakuzure from the “Kill La Kill” anime series.

Sometimes, what you see is quite deceptive, and the same can be said for Nonon’s looks. Her cute appearance hides her stubborn nature.

She portrays different personalities in a series. She is the kind of person who hates to remain in one state. I guess this is what makes her an appealing character for her fans.

14. Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière – Zero no Tsukaima

Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière – Zero no Tsukaima

Watch your back; you may find this witch popping out from anywhere!

This girl has long, lustrous pink hair but is also quite belligerent.

Meet Louis Francois Le Blanc de La Vallierr from the “zero no Tsukishima” anime series.

Do you know, being a witch, she is enrolled at a magical school?

She is not quite intelligent; in fact, she is the poorest student at the school. She truly justifies the title “zero” for consistently being academically poor.

Every child is gifted with special skills, and she finds the hidden gem inside her! Watch this fun-filled, adventurous girl who never mingles with your curious mind.

15. Crona


This character happens to be the slenderest of all on the list!

Can you guess the gender from Crona’s Looks? I bet no one can! He appears to have both male and female traits.

With short pink hair and a small round face, he grabs the fourteenth position in the Best Pink-haired Anime list.

Even though he has a side role in the story, he enjoys the limelight of millions of fans!

Watch “Soul Eater” to unravel the story of this pink-haired, multifaceted character of the anime world.

16. Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy

Do you remember the goody girl from the Pokémon anime series? She has pink hair, too, tied up in two round ponytails.

Well, friends, she is Nurse Joy, our favourite pink-haired girl!

Her extremely caring nature and inability to take up the pain of Pokémon make her the most humane character in the series. She happens to be Ash’s companion.

Did I forget that she is a nurse looking after the injured Pokémon? Don’t forget to see her melting nature as she looks after the Pokémon’s in the Pokémon anime.

17. Mine


Two long pink ponytails, dark pink eyes, a love for pink outfits, and pinkish anger are her attributes.

Meet Mine of the “Akame Ga Kill!” anime series.

Have you seen a sniper’s gun in her hand? She can pierce the target very accurately from a distance.

She is not a solo sniper; she belongs to a renowned group named the Night Raid Gang.

Watch her adventurous journey and her courageous companions, such as Tatsumi, in the anime series.

18. Hisoka Morow – Hunter x Hunter

Hisoka Morow – Hunter x Hunter

I remember the Zoldylock family and his killing attitude when I heard Hunter X Hunter!

Does Hisoka Moros resemble the characteristics of the Zoldyck family? Let’s figure it out.

First things first: he is a boy with pink hair. He happens to be extremely screwed, cunning, and intelligent in a negative way.

From his muscular body, you can see he is a highly skilled combatant. He is, in fact, self obnoxious and calls himself a hunter.

He is filled with a lot of surprises. He will not let his life alter his plans when his interests and dreams are at stake.

Call him a master planner, goal achiever, or assured killer. He fits in all the categories of viciousness.

19. Moka Akashiya

Moka Akashiya

One more pink-haired beauty of the anime world!

Watch out, friends, she’s not human but a vampire.

Meet Moka Akashiya from the “Rosario + Vampire” anime series.

Talking about her appearance, she has got long, pink hair and greenish eyes. She is usually seen in green-coloured attire.

There is a thing with a cross around her neck. It helps her to keep her vampire nature secret. Only her human friend Tsukune knows her real identity.

The best thing about their friendship is that they choose to stick to each other despite their differences.

Do you know she struggles to drink pure water and stays away from the swimming pool?

Seeing this pink-haired vampire beauty leading a human life in the series is always a delight.

20. Szayelaporro Granz – Bleach

Szayelaporro Granz – Bleach

Last but not least of the list. Tallest and deadliest of all!

What a nicely crafted pink-haired villain of all time! If you see him in his devilish look, he will surely give you awful nightmares!

I am talking about Szayelaporro Granz from the anime “Bleach.”

He has short pink hair and wears glasses. By profession, he happens to be a scientist. I would say a malicious one! Perfection is where he thrives.

Watching this pink-haired character in his vicious form is always fun and thrilling.


Trends are changing in the anime world. We have seen not only pink-haired female characters but also male ones too! Pink is perfectly portrayed, defining its inherent nature and being contradictory.

Some characters are sweet, some are childish, and some are rude. The Anime world has covered almost everything. Choose what suits your palette!


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