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Best Anime About God That Will Change Your Mind Towards Life

What comes to your mind when you hear the term God? Anime depicts a God as someone who is sovereign and immensely mighty. I believe that it takes a true divine nature and authentic sacredness to earn that title.

If this is your jam, I have a whole package for you. Below are some of the best anime series you can find that feature gods who are worthy of their supremacy. The real celestial beings.

1. Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya

Earlier in the days, Athena existed, a Goddess whom the Saints had determined to protect for the rest of their lives. They were terrifying and had bravery that no one could dare to challenge.

There was a very ambitious individual who was still in his prime, Seira. He dreamed of becoming a saint one day, but his journey was filled with storms. He was racing with other bold-looking contestants for the same goal.

For all the 12 zodiac signs, there was a horrifying entity getting its influence from it. I hope you don’t overlook this anime because you cannot miss the gripping plot and non-stop thrilling action scenes.

Watching Saint Seiya is a canon event; you will enjoy it and never forget it. The narrative is just wow, and the battles are to die for.

2. Kannagi


One of the most feared and hated things was Jin’s everyday reality. He was very ill-omened, and it happens that the bad luck did not only affect him but those around him.

His only task was to make a sculpture as a school project. Somehow, the wood that he used was rare. Turns out that of all the endless trees he could use, he chose a particular sacred tree. Oh boy!

You won’t believe what happened next. After all was done, the sun directly hit the statue, and all the surrounding energy was soaked. The project, which he was probably proud that he had finished, turned into a literal girl who appeared to be a divine being.

This tree’s sacredness came from the goddess’s spirit in it. The deity was not taking it well because there was no way of escaping having to linger around Jin forever. She couldn’t tolerate filthiness and would destroy it without regard to anyone.



It is a common feeling among humans to want to have more than we already have. We hope for better days. In this anime, Yato is a small god with hopes too.

He aspires to have a shrine where people will glorify and obey him, but no one knows him. Poor Yato. He was then betrayed by his only assistant, who went to attend to another god.

It was just him now, and on one of the days, he was rescued from being in an accident by a student called Iki Hiyori, who took the bullet for him.

Yato stays with the injured girl during her entire recovery process. Together, they combine forces to help fulfill his dream, where Yato’s name will reach many people and be considered a God.

4. The Day I Became A God

The Day I Became A God

Imagine waiting for one of the most anticipated events of your life only for it to mark the happening of a strange event in your life. Yota Narukami meets Od in the self-proclaimed Asgardian G during his final high school graduation exam preparation.

Odin starts to tell the doubting Yota that there won’t be much time left until the world’s end. Of course, you would expect him to disbelieve that there were only 30 days left to see everything in front of him as it was. The scary thing is most of the things she was foretelling were true.

Yota starts to buy what he is being told because he has seen her mastery first-hand and concluded that she might be telling the truth.

The plot then proceeds with her getting used to her newly found reality, and she walks with Yota, helping him to cater to the people. He learns how she became a god, and as time is spent together, he discovers more hidden truths.

5. KonoSuba


I guarantee you that this anime is the one you definitely won’t regret watching. It’s an enticing series with several comic scenes. KonoSuba is like a parody anime for other anime series, basically making fun of the overly affectionate main characters in them.

The superior Goddess Aque is hilarious, making the series so entertaining overall. Kazuma Sato builds a bond with Aqua; their walk together is worth watching.

At some point, he never thought he would be in the dreamy world. They constantly fight for their lives and ensure they don’t fall prey to the sorcery and evil spirits that fill this world.

This anime is about God, but I’m sure there is no harm in getting a good laugh while watching a God-themed anime, right? There are some lighthearted comedic scenes where they mock the way some main characters are only after love.

You will love the carefully displayed sense of humour that doesn’t harm anyone. Kazuma and Aqua were a crazy match whose playfulness would hurt ribs from laughter.

6. Platinum End

Platinum End

You might not see a character who is dominantly a god throughout, but this anime surely has some character that would operate like a god at some point.

A couple adopted a son, Mirai Kakehashi, whom they end up ill-treating to the point that he desires to take his own life. Fortunately, it wasn’t his time of death yet. Nassau showed up out of the blue, rescued him, and granted him some dominance.

His life was about to enter into a whole new dimension. Shockingly, he is informed that he was among the 13 chosen people to be god’s successor after he steps down in 999 days.

To take this position, you had to prove worthy of the Lordship. You had to make it out in one piece. They all aim to find the best interest of God’s heart and start taking their vows to God.



There is Godou Kusanagi, whose grandfather sends him on a mission to bring back the Lucrecia Zola sign from Sardinia.

On the journey, he finds himself involved in the controversy of two gods following his meeting with a swordsman called Erica Blandelli. But what was a mere basketball player supposed to do about it?

Before he could even get himself out of this mess, he got into a life-threatening fight with Verethragana, a combatant from primitive Persian. He conquered and became a renowned god slayer.

8. Cautious Hero

Cautious Hero

Let me give you one of the most amusing series on the list. There was an alternative universe under Gaeabrande, which needed a savior. Ristarte, a goddess, wanted to provide help and saw that Seiya Ryuguin was the one who could carry out this mission with excellence.

Seiya was too watchful and alert, starting to get on Ristarte’s nerves. She couldn’t abandon Seiya from the mission, but she was getting annoyed by this behavior. What was left for her was just dealing with it and looking at the bigger picture.

9. Sword Gai

Sword Gai

I assume you want to be an heir to their family’s fortune, but would you also want it even if it means it’s a burden? Because of a cursed sword, Shiryu, Gai Ogata’s family has been destroyed, and he has to endure all of it at a young age.

His father was murdered in cold blood, and his mother, in complete grief, couldn’t bear it and took her own life. Left alone with only a sword to his name in the middle of nowhere, he finally found some comfort under the care of a professional ironmonger.

He eventually started learning to be a skilled blacksmith and spent so much time practicing to be just as good as his newly found father figure. He was a man of bad luck, making him lose one of his hands during work.

Unexpectedly, he was healed by something he couldn’t explain and got another arm like nothing had happened. But the spirit of Shiryu was in the new arm.

10. Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok

Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok

Do you find any interest in Greek mythology? If you do, then this could be your favorite item on the list. The story follows Loki being cast out to earth by Odin, the highest of gods.

It served him as a punishment for his maliciousness. His godly appearance was gone, and he imitated the likeness of an infant with the determination to get his life back.

Loki finds himself amid a world that is swarmed with spiritual conspiracies. He appears to be a human but is a god who is trying to sustain his existence by being able to distinguish between enemies and allies.

He now lives as a host of a human heart full of evil intentions and wants to eliminate it. Loki begins forming tacky friendships with characters with whom he eventually has bad blood.

11. The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows

Keima Katsugari had two separate lives. He was one of those unattractive nerds but was almost always occupied by online games for romance simulation during the day.

At night, he was well known for making every girl he met online fold, hence his title, “God of Conquest. ” One day, he was dared by an unknown user to which he couldn’t say no.

He didn’t know that this was about to change his life because this wasn’t just a normal gamer but someone who would bring a crucial experience for him. Elucia was an actual demon; how l wish he had known.

These two were now entangled together, and there was no escape. Before Keima knew it, he was now providing help to Elucia on her quest to seize all the spirits that had unleashed themselves.

He was in more trouble than he thought. He would only get out of this by doing something he had avoided his whole life. Now, he had to get into a war with the real girls in physical contact, not just the way he had been conquering through and through virtually.

12. Saiyuki


Out of curiosity, let me ask if you can still fight for people even when it’s not easy and everyone is against you.

Provoking the elites of the supernatural world and relentlessly fighting for those who didn’t have voices, he did all this as if the curse of fear and pure hatred wasn’t hovering around the world.

Another fire was burning from above when Konzen and his two fellow gods created havoc when they overtook his side. This didn’t sit well with the superior God being hailed and worshiped when all of this happened. Maybe he wanted the attention to be all on him.

This trio was thrown out of heaven and had their memory deleted before starting a new life on earth, the habitat of demons and humans. Their existence wasn’t bothering anyone, and there was peace.

This was until peace was destroyed when Gyumaho, the Lord of demons’ passionate minions, ruined it all. All the demons went insane and started to go around showing no mercy to anyone.

They were hungry and wanted to devour everything; they were literally out of their minds. A life as brutal as this couldn’t continue under the watch of Konzen, who was reborn into Genko Sanzo.

With the help of Hakkai, Goku, and Gojyo, he set out on a mission to make sure they restore the livable past life where demons and humans coexisted with no conflict.

13. Kamigami No Asobi

Kamigami No Asobi

In anime, there is this one specific genre that is capable of enticing and devastating the viewer at the same time. If you had guessed it right, it’s the unmatched isekai genre.

Sometimes, the audience doesn’t get the excitement and thrill they want. This series explores the moment Yui Kusanagi is introduced into another world after encountering a strange sword. Upon her arrival, she meets five very attractive men, and amongst them is the great Zeus.

Zeus was worried that no strong relationship was established between the gods and the people. He came up with the idea of starting a school to educate his fellow deities about humans.

Yui was assigned to educate the gods, known for their stubbornness and self-centered behavior. She was to enlighten them about the complicated human ways of living, their traditions, and ethics.

Who knows if it would be a life-changing thing if she was to carry it out perfectly? Mind you, she only had one year to do everything. Failure to do so then means that everyone is doomed. They would all be trapped in the celestial world for eternity. Tell me, if you were Yui, would you take the assignment?

14. Kamichu  


Allow me to introduce you to a schoolgirl called Yurie, who was very timid. She was just experiencing life for the first time and doing what any other middle scholar would do. There was a twist of fate when she found that she was not just an ordinary person but had the powers of a god.

Her colleagues gave her a pet named Kamichu following this realization. Two terms were combined: Kami stands for God, and Chugakusei for middle school girl, hence Kamichu.

Kamichu initially didn’t believe in herself. She could not comprehend what she could now do, but it improved. The interactions she was now having with other divine beings helped her become who she was meant to be.

15. Ah! My Goddess

Ah! My Goddess

You might be one of the people who wish to have their desires and dreams come to life. In this anime, people could actualize their fantasies by calling the goddess help hotline.

They couldn’t believe that this was happening, and they could not afford to take this privilege for granted. Keiichi Morisato had no idea that his life was about to change after casually calling Belldandy the goddess in search of everlasting intimacy.

He finds himself living the dream of most youthful men, staying together with a goddess that has a mind-blowing beauty. Other men could not stand Belldandy being in the same spaces with them and resorted to chasing Keiichi away from the boys’ hostels.

They both wander away, looking for a safe shelter, and a Buddhist temple is the most peaceful available place for them. A lot happened in this temple as their love grew, and feeling more butterflies for each other even though the atmosphere tensed sometimes. It was a whole love story.

16. Kamigami no Asobi

Kamigami no Asobi

She meets Zeus, son of Cronus, who invites many other divine authorities to his school and Yuri to teach them the love and connection between the gods and the humans.

This series is inspired by a Japanese religion called Shinto. Nippon Ichi Software and Broccoli produced this anime in visuals, referred to as Play of Gods in English.

The narrative centers around a girl called Yuri, whose father was a cleric in the shrine. She discovers an unusual sword that allows her to shift into existence in other worlds.

While she was away, she came across the son of Cronus, who goes by the name Zeus.



Would you be able to keep your composure if you saw what this guy saw? Going about his day, as usual, he saw what looked like a person in his wagon but had a tail and ears resembling a wolf. I would run. The creature introduces itself as Holo, a goddess that has existed for more than six centuries.

Holo informs the man that he must keep up with his promise to a certain villager long ago. He had to honor his words and bless the soils to be fertile and produce wheat enough for everyone.

With time, the villagers had to improvise and start learning to survive independently without waiting for Holo to do miracles. This makes him feel helpless as people find him useless, and he isolates himself.

18. Kamisama Kazoku

Kamisama Kazoku

You might not believe that Samatarou is a god’s son if you are judging from his appearance. Like ordinary people, the whole family dwells on earth to learn and familiarize themselves with the ways of humans.

From the day he was born, Samatarou had an assigned guardian angel named Tenko. These two had an adorable bond, sadly ruined when Kumiko came into the picture.

At first glance, Samatarou finds himself falling in love with Kumiko. Samatarou thought making her fall for him would also be a good idea.

He plans to do this without involving his supernatural abilities. Not only did this compromise his position, but his relationship with Tenko was also on the verge of ending.


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