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20 Best Ice Type Pokemon Go Choices

If you want some Ice-type Pokemon to include in your team, then your worries end here. Today, we will show you some of the best Ice-type Pokemon available. 

Finding a good Ice-type Pokemon is tough because of 2 things. First is that they are rarer than most other types. Second, many of them can only be found in cold places.

Before you proceed, it would be good to dress up in your winter clothes as things are about to get cold ahead. As we go through snowy mountains, forests and seas to search for the best ice types out there. We will be looking at some adorable ones, some dangerous and big looking ones and the Legendaries that are very rare to spot.

20. Glaceon


This cute little Pokemon freezes everyone’s hearts. It can freeze your enemies with attacks like Frost Breath and Avalanche.

Glaceon is an Ice-type Pokemon that is an evolution of Eevee. As we all know, Eevee can evolve into many different Pokemon that belong to different categories like Fire, Water, Grass, Ice, Psychic, Dark, Fairy and Electric-type Pokemon. 

19. Froslass


If freezing your opponents to death is a bit too much, you can try scaring them. Sounds like a perfect job for our Froslass. As it is an Ice-type and Ghost-type Pokemon. It was introduced in the 4th Generation. Snowy ghosts and stories inspired its design. It wears a traditional white-coloured Japanese kimono.

As an Ice/Ghost-type Pokemon, it is naturally strong against other types such as Grass, Flying, Psychic, and Ground. However, it’s relatively weak against Fire, Steel, Rock, Dark and Ghost types.

18. Spheal 


This chubby-looking seal-type Pokemon is a dual Ice and Water-type Pokemon. At first glance, you might think it’s not that valuable because you can find it rather easily. But Spheal is its first form, and it can later evolve into Sealeo at level 32, which resembles more to a Seal.

At level 42, this cute-looking ball-like Pokemon turns into a fierce-looking Walrein. Spheal’s other advantage is that it’s part water-type.

17. Mamoswine


If you ever felt like wanting one of those big Mammoths that were present during ancient times, then you should look for Mamoswine because this Ice/Ground-type Pokemon looks just like a Mammoth. It has 2 large tusks that look magnificent.

Mamoswine is the evolution of Piloswine, whose whole body is covered with thick fur. It has a wide range of learnable moves for an Ice and Ground-type. It has amazing durability, just what you would expect from it’s size.

It also has a Shadow Form that is considered the best Ice-type move. Shadow form Mamoswine can probably solo Rayquaza if it’s not weather boosted.

16. Vanillite


This Pokemon will surely remind you of a vanilla-flavoured ice cream. As both its name and appearance strongly resemble Vanilla. It is a pure Ice-type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation 5. Like Spheal, it is also the first in its evolution line. So you can catch it easily as it has one of the highest possibilities in catch rate.

It can later evolve into Vanillish and finally into Vaniluxe, which looks like 2 Vanilla ice-creams. Vaniluxe is given access to snow warnings, which gives it an advantage as an auto weather setter.

15. Walrein


As we previously discussed, Walrein is the final form of our cute-looking Spheal. So, it is an Ice and Water-type Pokemon. It has 2 large teeth coming out of its mouth.

It has a wide range of impressive abilities like Water Pulse, Frost Breath and Blizzard. That makes it a great attacker during raids and battles. It can counter other types like Rock, Fire and ground-type Pokemon. However, it’s advantage is not only attacking. It also has a high HP stat and amazing defensive capacity.

14. Beartic


Ever seen a big bear on snowy mountains? Because, as its name suggests, that’s what beauty looks like. It looks ferocious with big claws. However, its previous evolution, Cubchoo, looks exactly the opposite, like a cute little teddy bear with a blue head and constant runny nose.

Beartic can take down its opponents by punching them with its charged attack called Ice Punch and another fast attack called Powder Snow.

13. Cryogonal


The design of Cryogonal is unique compared to other Ice-type Pokemon. It looks like a Sci-Fi hexagonal-shaped snowflake or a crystal. It has a high defence and attack stat at 190 and 218, respectively. Its HP is at 140.

It has a wide range of moves like Aurora Beam and Night Slash for Charge moves and Ice Shard and Frost Breath as Fast moves. It has another useful ability called Levitate, which allows it to float in the air. As an Ice-type, it is weak against Rock, Fire and Steel-type Pokemon but strong against Flying, Grass and ground-type Pokemon.

12. Snover


Snover is a dual Ice/Grass type Pokemon introduced in the 4th Generation. As we all know, Ice-type is a bad match against Fire-type Pokemon; Snover is even weaker against Fire-type than the other Ice-type.

We discussed earlier how Vanilluxe has a Snow Warning ability, but it was given that ability only recently. But Snover and Abomasnow were already using it much before Vanilluxe. Abomasnow is the evolution of Snover. Its speed stat is low, but it compensates for that by using mixed offensive moves.

11. Articuno


The award for the most elegant-looking Pokemon from our list goes to Articuno. It’s an Ice/Bird-type Pokemon. It was introduced in the First Generation and is one of the Legendary birds. One interesting thing about it is that it doesn’t evolve.

You don’t want to come in Articuno’s way when it uses its charged attack, Ice Beam,, and Fast attack, Frost Breath.

10. Dewgong


This cute-looking seal might steal your heart. It looks like a white seal with 2 teeth coming out of its mouth and a little horn on top of its head. It is a dual Ice-type and Water-type Pokemon and evolves from the seel.

It has Blizzard and Icy Wind as its charged attacks and Iron Tail and Ice Shard as fast moves. As an Ice-type, it is weak against Grass, electric and Rock-type Pokemon. It has an amazing HP of 207. At the same time, its attack and defence stats are at 139 and 177, respectively.

9. Avalugg


If Avalugg swims, it will look like an Iceberg because its body is covered with Ice. It was introduced in late 2019, and it’s an Ice-type Pokemon. It evolved from the Bergmite, which has a 50% catch rate. Then you would need 50 candies if you want to evolve it.

Avalugg’s defence stat is at an amazing 240, the highest among its other stats. Its attack is at 196 and HP at 216. With a high defence and HP, it can take a lot of hits.

8. Cubchoo


As we discussed on this list, Cubchoo is the previous form of Beartic. This cute-looking Pokemon turns into a ferocious big Pokemon, which is very powerful. Cubchoo has a white body and a blue head. Its nose is constantly running. Maybe that’s why they added choo at the last of its name.

Cubchoo is not powerful, but we added it here because its next evolution, Beartic, won’t disappoint you. It has a Base Attack stat of 130 with great coverage in the shape of Stone Edge, Liquidation, Play Rough and many more.

7. Lapras


Lapras is an Ice and Water type Pokemon. It is one of the most famous Pokemon, not just because of its looks but because it’s very friendly. It has a wide range of coverage, which gives it an advantage against certain Fire and Ground-type Pokemon. There aren’t any evolutions available for it. 

It has overall good stats. It has a high HP and Defense and is known for it’s durability during the battle. It has powerful charge moves like Ice Beam and Surf, making it a fearsome opponent.

6. Vanillish 


Vanillish is the evolution of Vanillite and it further evolves into Vanilluxe. So, just like Vanillite, it’s a pure Ice-type Pokemon. Also Vanillish’s catch rate is at 120.

It looks like a big vanilla ice cream. Where it has vanilla on top, and the cone part is frozen. It also has Ice-crystals on its slides.

It has good stats in every area, a total of 395 in base stats. In particular, its Special Attack is the highest of them all. This makes it a good choice where you want to use the offence.

5. Mega Abomasnow

Mega Abomasnow

Did you know that the game’s first Mega Evolution in the Ice category was Mega Abomasnow? It is an Ice/Grass-type Pokemon that is good at offence and defence.

Unfortunately, you cannot use it in the PvP modes of Pokemon GO. With moves like Weather Ball and Powder Snow, it can heavily damage your opponents. While it’s weather-boosted, it can crush opponents who are weak against Ice-types.

4. Glalie


Glalie looks like a roundish ball with two horns on its top. It has 2 big eyes and a big mouth. It always looks kind of angry. Glalie is a pure Ice-type Pokemon that evolves from the Snorunt with 50 candies.

But it’s important to note that a Snorunt can evolve either into Glalie or Froslass, which we already included in our list. Its HP is at 190, and attack and defence are both at 162. It has Frost Breath and Ice Shard as fast moves. It is weak against Fire, Steel and rock types but strong against Flying, Grass, Ground and dragon types.

3. Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales

Just as its name suggests, Alolan Ninetales has Nine tails (It reminds me of Kurama from Naruto). The nine-tailed fox is very popular in Japanese legends, and it’s considered sacred. It’s one of the most favourite Pokemon for fans throughout the world.

It’s not just because of its unique look but because it is an Ice-type and a Fairy-type Pokemon, making it unique from other types on this list.

If you use it correctly, then you can win some fights easily. But first, you should familiarize yourself with Fairy-types and their weaknesses if you haven’t used one before. It has a charged attack called Weather Ball, and Fast Attack called Powder Snow.

2. Frosmoth


Frosmoth is an Ice/Bug-type Pokemon. Just like its name, it looks like a white moth. It has a roundish body with two big wings. It has big eyes with long eyelashes.

Frosmoth evolves from the Snom. When it was introduced, fans were expecting it to be a match for Volcarona, but it didn’t match the fan’s expectations. However, it’s not as bad as you might think. Its Hidden Ability, called Ice Scales, can reduce an enemy’s Special Attack damage by 50%.

Overall, its stats like speed are average, but its Special Attack stat is comparatively very high. Combine that with Quiver Dance, and you can deal great damage to your opponents.

1. Cloyster


Cloyster has one of the highest defence stats among all Pokemon. The reason is that it is protected by a hard layer of shells with spikes covering it. It has a total of 2 shells protecting its main body from enemy attacks. Cloyster is an Ice and Water-type Pokemon introduced in the First Generation.

It is the evolution of Shellder, which lives inside a shell(which you might have expected from its name).


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